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Note of Intent



Sadeck Berrabah - Murmuration

From a young age, I’ve been fascinated with geometric shapes, and I started expressing that through drawing, then dance, which I practiced for years without finding a path that would allow me to express myself fully.

My initial intent was to develop a unique and innovative project that would resonate with each of us in a simple way. The “Géométrie Variable” dance movement was born in 2017, drawing inspiration from dance styles like popping, toyman and tutting, which are 1970s hip-hop styles from the West Coast that use lines of the human body.

One morning, I started gazing at a flock of birds and from this powerful and inspiring visual came the concept of MURMURATION.

Now, I feel it was absolutely necessary for me to transform MURMURATION into a show. It came to me as an evidence.
I strongly believe in the power of the collective. More than a show, it is an experience I want people to have through this scenic moment.

The creative process requires rigor and precise practice of the discipline. This allows us, each time, to achieve a spectacular result.
MURMURATION is an invitation to better self-understanding.

I like to believe that MURMURATION is an antidote.

An antidote that encourages (re)connection between all beings. Although we all seem very different, we all ultimately aspire to the same thing, don’t you think?

My dearest wish is that MURMURATION continues to resonate across the world for a long time.

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