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A perfectionist of movement with multiple hats (dancer, choreographer, illustrator), Sadeck Berrabah brings a new perspective to dance regarding the geometry of the body.

From a young age, he has been passionate about drawing and dancing. A Michael Jackson fan, he dances everywhere, all the time, at home or on the street. From battle to battle, he has made a name for himself in the dance world and has also embraced a side career in masonry.

Founder, choreographer and dancer of the 2017-founded group “Géométrie Variable”, Sadeck distinguishes himself through his creativity and ingenuity. After an atypical career and a quick ascent to fame, he was able to collaborate with numerous artists and creators. From masonry to professional dancing, the multifaceted artist from the Gard region has created a place for himself on the international scene.

As a creative, he distinguishes himself through his ingenuity in multiple areas. He is passionate about stage direction and videography and infuses his artistry of movement and reflection with poetry. His limitless imagination takes form in projects that connect his passion for drawing, dance, and logic.

Today, in his unique and recognizable signature style, Sadeck collaborates with international artists, brands and prestigious institutions all over the world.

Sadeck Berrabah - Murmuration

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